What is a Monogram?

The most straight forward definition of a monogram, thank you webster, is simply a sign of identity usually formed by the combination of one's initials.

Classic Monogram

Typically a monogram includes the combination of two or three initials in some decorative fashion. Traditionally the initial of the last name is placed in the middle when the center initial of the design is the biggest giving it the most importance.

If combining names to represent a marriage for example, traditionally it would be the woman's first initial, followed by the married last name initial, and then the man's first name initial.

Monogramming goes way back to the time of Greek and Roman rulers where a monogram was used to mark currency or artifacts. Fast forward a few centuries and a monogram became a sign of status and wealth. Think mansion gates and fancy monogrammed linens.  

Modern Monogram

Which brings us to now, the modern monogram.  Where the term "traditional" used above is a bit dated. While the classic guidelines are still called upon the rules in general are much looser.  The goal is to make it your own. Go traditional, use your initials (first, middle, last) in order, or be bold and go with the single initial like "M" for Madonna.  Did I just date myself? How about "Z" for Zendaya.  Loved her in spiderman.

Any of the three letter monograms used in the "Design Your Own Monogram" collection on Wild Buffalo Gifts can be turned into single letter monograms by using a well placed space bar instead of a letter.

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